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Though Google has been the topmost priority of most of the sellers, merchants, vendors and consumers as well, Amazon has its own way to save the space for them who are selling their products online. If you are an online retailer, Amazon must be the top-priority thing to focus with an effective Amazon listing optimization strategy.

Amazon with over pool of products gets three times more search volume for products as compared to Google, and this fact is quite obvious. Optimization is the key to a successful Amazon listing optimization service and at Amazon Data Guru, we strive to provide accurate and result oriented product listing optimization services. Our professionals help you leverage your business on the largest eCommerce search engine- Amazon.

Understanding Amazon Vs Google

  • Amazon is dedicatedly built to sell products and thus, the product selling and measuring revenue is much stronger with specified and assorted parameters.
  • Amazon requires everything in a specific format and thus has 100% structured index.
  • Amazon follows on-page optimization and thus, off page link building does not affect page rankings.

Product Listing Optimization Services

Enhance your brand's presence in the crowd and grab the urgent attention of the potential customers by flawless Amazon Product Listing Optimization. Amazon Data Guru helps you optimize Amazon product listings and also manage it to show on top of the pages in the marketplace.

Our suite class range of Amazon Product Listing Optimization services include:

Product Listings With Basic Data: Basic product data includes crafting of product title, description, images and etc. When a customer searches about a product in which he/she is interested, Amazon then shows up the most relevant products in the search list. If your product page is comprised of accurate product title and description, it will easily top the list. Though crucial but product specification play a pivotal role in search engine listings. Similarly, product images also play a very important role by informing your customer about the product. Amazon prioritises white background and high-resolution images and thus, our professionals work hard to produce as per Amazon guidelines to get maximum coverage.

Product Categorization: Our adept team will place your products under the right category and sub-category to help your potential customers to search your products easily and quickly. We understand that the classification of products is very important for product ranking.

Product Specifications: We will write 100% accurate product specifications such as product dimensions, size, height and etc.

Image Optimization: As per the Amazon guidelines, the team at Amazon Data Guru will upload more than one product image to provide a better view to your customers.

SEO: Amazon allows 50 characters to be filled in five fields. Our writers who work closely with SEO team add keywords that will not only promote your product(s) but also state its features.

Product Title Optimization: We create precise, short, crisp, informative and original product titles that help your buyers to search your products easily and quickly. A right creation of product title will also increase click-through rate.

Product Descriptions: Boost your visibility; enhance your content. Our team of copywriters crafts informative, compelling and engaging product descriptions that comprise of SEO friendly keywords.

Product Discoverability: Amazon discoverability depends on the various factors such as SEO keywords, content relevance, quality of image and etc. Our professional will help you optimise these pivotal groups.

Product Reviews: Before buying any product, customers tend read the product's reviews. Our highly proficient review writing team will craft genuine product reviews including features & benefits to persuade your customers.

Why Amazon Data Guru?

Every seller knows that Amazon is a great marketplace to boost your products' sales. amazon Data Guru knows the exact way to do it!


  • Our adept team have experience of decades in providing Amazon listing optimization services to clients across the globe.
  • Our hands are set on advanced tools and technology ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, and etc. to grasp multiple channels feeds
  • Certified Amazon Marketplace management team
  • Strictly follow Amazon guidelines
  • Maintain TAT & quality

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